Chicago Cubs Take the World Series

When the Chicago Cubs won the MLB world series,  it seemed that almost the entire country (besides the Cleveland Indians), were on their side and rooting for them. This was because it had been an ongoing battle to win the series, considering the last World Series Championship they took was back in 1908. The social media world went wild for the team and several companies, celebrities, and even political candidates showed much deserved support toward the team. Being that I am a fan of Crate & Barrel, I thought their congratulations was a favorite. Because they are based out of Chicago, it was a feat for them as well and they celebrated by revamping their website home, and included clinking glasses and a bottle of champagne bursting. I also thought it was amazing that President Barack Obama tweeted about it. Not only congratulating the team, but offering them to visit the white house, as he was previously a US Senator for the state of Illinois and holds the team close to his heart. Overall, the world was cheering them on and seemed very proud (and creative) with the ways they congratulated the Chicago Cubs.



Wow Airlines

In the Article we read, Chris Weller, writer for the Insider UK, wrote about Skúli Mogenson, who was an Icelandic tech entrepreneur. Skúli took it upon himself to create a long-haul, low budget airline in 2011, that had amazing deals like round trip flights for $99. Fast forward to now, and the company has grown to seventeen aircrafts and thirty two different destinations. Although the prices have risen, WOW is still leading the competition with cheaper flights for longer destinations. One of the main reasons why Mogenson believes he is leading in the airline industry and able to offer low cost flights, is because he only will purchase new aircrafts that don’t require as much maintenance than jet blue or american airlines would, for instance.

I believe WOW ideally is a great airline, and would love to try out one of their flights. Being a student, I want to be able to travel and see the world, but I also know how expensive that can be. With WOW airlines, the affordability is there, and although they are lacking on the luxuries other airlines may offer, most people know that with cutting on cost, they also would have to cut back on the luxuries of another flight.

How Adidas is Winning

Through 2015 white sneakers became a trend that took the world by storm. Celebrities like Pharell, Rita-Ora, and Jay-Z were rocking the on-again trend, and popularity amongst fashion bloggers, influencers, and every day people skyrocketed. Adidas got to lead this fast growing phenomenon by re-introducing their very iconic sneaker, the “Superstar”. Their annual report for 2015 announced the company had sold over 15 million pairs of these white shoes, and now in 2016, that number is still growing.

Originally, the Superstar sneakers were released in 1969, and worn by athletes, and specifically basketball players. It then became a trend over ten years later when the popular hip-hop group Run DMC wanted to bring their street style onto the stage. Many people started sporting the sneakers, and the hip hop group signed a multi million dollar deal with Adidas. Fast forward to 2015, and we are seeing these shoes everywhere again, and I mean EVERYWHERE! I believe the reason the Adidas “Superstar” has become so famous is because of the growing influence of social media within trends. One famous model, celebrity, or blogger will post about these shoes, and everyone runs out to buy them, hopping onto the bandwagon.

Another feature of the Superstar is that they are affordable. The reason so many trends don’t catch on is because they are featured on the runway of New York Fashion Week, and you can only find the products for thousands of dollars at Saks Fifth Avenue, or Neiman Marcus which are considered luxury stores. These sneakers retail for only eighty dollars which is a very appealing number for a shoe that is so stylish, trendy yet a classic, cool, and most of all comfortable. Just yesterday I wore my Superstar’s for nine hours walking through Disneyland and California Adventure, and my only complaint was that I was afraid to get them dirty. Bandwagon trends can be bad in a sense, that people are doing the same thing as others for no apparent reason, but it is great for the companies that are selling these popular products. In this case, Adidas is winning the bandwagon effect.


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Boutique vs. Global PR

After reading through the list of the “Best Los Angeles Public Relations Firms & Agencies”, I think I have found my niche within PR. I believe I would appreciate working for a boutique style agency versus a global agency, mostly because I want to dig deep into PR when first learning, and I feel like Boutique agencies can offer me that.

I would specifically want to work for Blaze PR because when visiting their website, their message is immediate and straight to the point. They start off by saying, “We demand attention for your brand”, with a picture of a man at a dinner table eating a large piece of steak, with a phone on a platter in front of him, and him joyously reading while eating. There is also a dog joining in on the fun that takes a bite of the meat for himself. They stick with this theme throughout their website, paying very close attention to detail and wording. They mention how their team is “fresh and seasoned”, saying that they do not want to rest on the laurels of past successors, but bring new strategies that are “meaty”, creative, and on point.

Aside from the way Blaze PR represents their company online, I would want to work for Blaze because I see the benefits of starting out a public relations career in boutique PR. For starters, a boutique agency gives you access to the CEO, both as a staff member and client. As a team member, you are taught many different skill sets in your time at a boutique agency because there aren’t an ample amount of assistants waiting around to help. Also, there is more room for flexibility at a boutique agency. A couple reasons why I would eventually want to work with a more global agency is because global agencies offer more resources toward projects, allowing room for trial and error. Another reason I would want to work for a global agency in the future is because you would focus on one area of expertise and become a pro at it. After being able to learn the general gist of several trades within PR at a boutique agency, I think growing with a larger company would be beneficial to my career. Overall I see the benefit in both types of agencies, but would prefer to start out in a place where I am able to grow alongside others, taking advice daily, and not being afraid to ask questions that will ensure growth.

Jesus as a Storyteller

Two key parts to public relations are being able to speak effectively to your targeted audience, or present an idea, as well as being able to write effectively so that specific audience is moved or persuaded by what you have to say. Persuasion, and eloquent speaking and writing date back much farther than we believe. Jesus Christ is the greatest story teller of time, and he had a way of speaking that drew people in. He attracted mass amounts of people, brought hope, and always intended to get a message across. Alongside Jesus, the gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, used interpretation and audience segmentation to tell representations of the same story in different ways, to speak to different audiences. They used these four different formats to appeal to the needs of the differing audiences.

Back to Jesus being the ultimate storyteller, Jesus created parables that were vivid, and contain amazing imagery, yet stick to the point and are easy to understand in any context. He did this so that the people He was telling his stories to, could relate and learn from them. Along with Jesus, the apostles were people that were appointed to go out and tell those stories and live the experiences with followers. In many ways, biblical times represented what the future would look like in public relations. Although the content would change from teaching biblically, to representing a company or campaign, the initial ideas of storytelling and being an eloquent writer and speaker have stuck, and will continue to.

Skittles Not Interested in Politics

Donald Trump Jr. took the world by storm mid September amidst the weight around his fathers campaign, and made a statement that shook his opposers, and even some followers. Trump Jr. made a statement on Twitter that read, “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.” A very blunt, bold, and offensive comment was heard around the world, and one of the first things that came to my own mind was, “How will Skittles handle this?”. The next steps for the company would need to be very articulately thought out and planned, to avoid any misperception, or political involvement.

Skittles, which is known as a very light hearted and fun company had to make their next move a strategic one, and they did. Their statement in response to Trump was “Skittles are candy. Refugees are people, we don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy. We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing.” This was probably one of the smartest ways Skittles could’ve managed this crisis, knowing they didn’t want to jeopardize their image. Although overall sales for Skittles haven’t skyrocketed, their name went viral and people are talking about a candy that did nothing on their own to recieve this kind of attention. I feel the original tweet made by Donald Trump Jr. was insensitive and obstructive to his father’s campaign, but Skittles handled the issue gracefully and with respect to the parties involved.

“Against the Odds”

Adidas’ new campaign in India, highlights the struggles that para-athletes face when buying new shoes. The campaign is focusing on the athletes that have no use for the other shoe in the box, so they are offering “Odds”, which are a box of two right shoes or two left shoes. One of the faces of the campaign is Major DP Singh, who is India’s first ever blade runner, and it follows him through his daily routine with his shoes.

I believe that this campaign is a great way to bring light to a subject that many may not even be aware of. Thinking about how much we use our shoes, from walking around the house, to running errands, to physical activity, and to the person that may only get to use one foot, they are straining that shoe severely. Adidas odds give para-athletes the chance to shine, and change their shoe without having to buy another pair. I believe these ads would resonate with not only India, but the world, and that Adidas should make an effort to raise awareness of the “odds” around the globe.

Lochte’s Partial Apology

swimmer-ryan-lochte_1a8pa86s0feee1xh81kydda21xThroughout the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, it seemed that there were shining stars, and leading moments to watch such as the US Women’s Gymnastics team winning Gold, or Michael Phelps winning his twenty third gold medal in the sport he has never given up on. But we all will be able to recall back on this years Olympics for a very different reason than winning a medal. No one will forget about Ryan Lochte lying to the media about the night he decided to celebrate the wins with his teammates, and get maybe too intoxicated.

With the culture that is held within Brazil, it is very possible that what Ryan Lochte said could’ve been true. He really could have been robbed at gun point. Outside of the beautiful, glittery look of Rio thats casted in between the commercial breaks of the Olympics, Rio is known to be a city where one wouldn’t go out alone at night, or walk around with bags unlocked, or even take meaningful or expensive items into public. This is why the world believed him. We saw Ryan Lochte as the innocent American swimmer that was wrongfully attacked by a local. Before unraveling the whole story, we assume our position, in part because we want to stand with our team.

After the news broke that Lochte and his friends had actually been drunk and were approached by brazilian authorities for vandalizing a restroom, we all viewed the story differently. His largest sponsor, speedo suddenly dropped, but Lochte was reluctant to apologizing. Mentioned in the article, Lochte forgot to use the three F’s of public relations, which are to fool up, fess up, and fix up. He clearly demonstrated how to fool up, merely fessed up, but what will he do now to fix it? Only three days after the incident, Lochte signed on to the next season of Dancing With the Stars, and found a new sponsor, Pine Brothers, but is that enough to move on with this issue? I think we are all waiting for Lochte’s next move and are wanting to see a true form of an apology, but for now we will have to sit back and wait.

What is PR in Fashion?

Being new to the public relations world, I feel like I have always created my own definition for it. Up until now, I have always believed public relations was a brand or person that helped create an image or persona for a client. While I still feel like that is an aspect of public relations, I quickly realized there are many other important factors that come along with it. It seems that throughout the world there are many occupations that everyone knows the basics of. A teacher teaches, a firefighter puts out fires, a secretary may answer phones, make copies. As we dive further into sectors of occupations, they become more complicated. After doing a little research, I came to find that PR is part of the persuasion business, and you are trying to convince a certain audience to believe in or buy, by promoting an idea or product. Although  PR sounds very similar to advertising or marketing, the difference is that public relations communicates with their audience through trusted, unpaid sources such as traditional media, social media, or speaking engagements.

As far as my future, I see myself working in fashion. I hope to one day be a designer direct buyer for Nordstrom, which means that I would get to research and select the product that would be featured throughout Nordstrom stores in different areas. I am also interested in PR, but have not set my sights on a specific sector yet. As far as public relations in fashion, I know that the world consists of many tedious tasks and assignments. Fashion public relations is a very hands on job, where you are representing either one brand, or many brands at a time. As a fashion public relations representative, you are trying to get the word out to the public about the brand you are representing, and why that brand is better than the thousands of others they are in competition with. For example, fashion week in New York, Paris, and Milan, is a group of several designers showcasing their work to the most elite in the fashion industry, with names like Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine, vying to sit front row at designer shows.

As a fashion publicist, your goal is to make the “Anna Wintour’s” of fashion notice your brand, and want to be in the front row of your show. To do this, the representative must create a strong brand for their client and have one image or phrase that the public has when thinking of that brand. For example, when you think of Nike, you may think athleticism or confidence, when you think of Apple, you can think innovation, or simplicity. To work in the heart of fashion, you must be able to understand and analyze trends. Whether those trends are within fashion, or by using media to keep the brand you are working with in the public eye you must be able to keep with with the times. Another necessity for a fashion publicist is creativity, and the ability to multitask. With the world of fashion being so large, you have to think of things that will set the brand you are working with apart from the competition. All the while, you also have to be managing the brand, working with editors, models and celebrities, and putting out fires along the way.

To work in the cut throat world of fashion, one must be able to possess a passion for whatever they may be doing, and most of all be able to commit to the work they are representing through hard work, long hours, and the excitement of knowing they are making a difference in the world of fashion and apparel.